Wedding-Ready Arms

Get Strapless or Sleeveless in 15 Minutes

Here is my seriously incredible workout to tighten and tone those arms. Come your big day, you will be looking and feeling FIERCE with arms that don’t even come close to jiggling, they will be sculpted, defined and prove you got busy! Heck, if you can’t get those arms in shape for your wedding, when other time in your life will you have this kind of motivation?

And ladies, I totally understand, you are probably feeling some seriously mixed emotions right now. You're overwhelmed with excitement as you plan and prep your dream wedding, but you're also terrified that you won't have time to get as fit as you'd like to before the big day arrives. Don't fret; whether you have 30 days or 30 months until the big day, I CAN get you into the SHAPE of YOUR LIFE without spending hours a day exercising, or starving yourself! (I’m not kidding!).

Yes, I’m a fitness professional, but having recently gotten married, I know exactly what you’re dealing with and I used this plan myself (along with my bridesmaids and mother), to get seriously FIT and HOT for my big day!

I urge you to give it a try, it may be the most beneficial wedding planning you do!

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Now for your Arms Workout:

What You Need:

-(optional) light set of dumbells (I use 5lbs) or a 1 litre bottle

Workout Tips:

  • You can replace the 1 minute of Oblique Runners with any time of cardio that suits you. I chose Oblique Runners because they target arms and core.
  • Don’t forget to focus on perfect form. Don’t be afraid to modify these moves to be of lower impact if needed.
  • These are perfect moves to add to any of my other workout videos.

Wedding-Ready Arms Workout: 

  • Side Plank Twists -10 each side
  • Top of Push-Up Plank – Opposite Shoulder Touches – 10 each side
  • Plank Spider (knee to elbow) 10 each side
  • 1 min Oblique Runners

Repeat 2 more times!

How’d it go? Send your comments and subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more workouts OR let me train you at

That’s IT! Remember consistency and the right total life program is crucial for success!

I want to hear from the brides and bridesmaids out there!



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