Wedding Arms Workout

Amanda Russell shares her favorite Fit, Strong and Sexy arm workout to look your best in that sleeveless wedding dress!

In my opinion, arms are one of the EASIEST body parts to tone up. It just takes the right road map and consistency. I have the road map with this awesome routine below, I just need to consistency from you! So, let’s get started on our way to sleek, sexy and toned arms…

What You Need

  • Stopwatch or Interval Timer (I use Gymboss)
  • OR you can go to to do the full-length version of this workout with me and I’ll keep track of the time for you!

The Workout

  • *30 seconds each exercise:
  • Running Mountain Climbers
  • Push-ups with shoulder tap
  • Superhero Angels (like a reverse snow angel)
  • Push-up with open up
  • Pike Jump
  • Swimmers
  • Rockstar Pose Push-ups
  • One-leg Pike Jumps
  • Trice Dip Hip-ups
  • One-leg Pike Jumps (on other leg)

Repeat circuit, no recovery. Do a total of 2 sets! It’s 10 minutes, you can do anything for only 10 minutes!

This workout will be give you even more results if you pair it with a cardio workout.  I have lots of cardio workouts available on my site! Let me train you and guide you to be the best YOU on your big day! I have daily fitness plans, monthly programs, diet guides, healthy recipes and so much more! So join now and get fit, strong and sexy!


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