Post-Thanksgiving Workout

With Amanda Russell


Too much stuffing and pie? I truly hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and got to indulge a little (or perhaps a lot)! During the wedding crunch, we tend to feel pressure to restrict, diet and whittle down to unreasonable sizes, but THAT is not the way to plan for your big day! You must enjoy the journey to your wedding and not get so obsessive that you miss out. That being said, don’t feel guilty if you had too much stuffing, pie and ice cream. My entire philosophy is that you do not and should not have to starve yourself or give up fun things in life. It’s about the right workouts and some realistic guidelines on navigating your daily menu.

Today’s workout is a great example of a short intense workout that will get you serious results. You don’t need a lot of time, you don’t need a gym- you just need your body and the right formula.

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Strength, confidence, style, sexy appeal and class = one powerful description. This is how I would describe the Fit Strong and Sexy community of women and brides. These workouts are no different than military training techniques, we just wear cuter clothes and smile more, but the results and intensity are the same. So if you are looking to get into serious shape AND enjoy your ride to the alter, let me train you at!



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