Destination: Exhaustion

Fighting Post-Wedding Fatigue with Donna D’Cruz

Courtesy of Inbal Dror

Somewhere during the wedding-planning journey, you may have gotten the impression that you and your husband are meant to arrive at your honeymoon, shut the door and fall into bed. But what do you do if you're feeling more fatigued than frisky?

Finally, the Big Day itself is over. The last cake crumb has been eaten, the guests have departed and months of arduous and detailed planning have come together in a fabulously happy wedding day.

And now, you’re en route to your honeymoon. Up at the crack of dawn, dragging luggage through the airport, trying to catch a few extra z’s on the plane. You arrive at your destination and realize you’re both deliriously happy and in love…and deliriously exhausted.

Now what? Your honeymoon isn’t supposed to start this way, right? Somewhere along the line, you may have gotten the impression – whether right or wrong – that you and your husband are meant to arrive at your honeymoon locale, shut the door behind the porter and fall instantly into full-fledged newlywed hotness, have non-stop, lust-fuelled karmic sex pretty much round-the-clock.

You may be thinking… wait, was that a yawn?

Planning a wedding is draining physically, mentally and emotionally. You’ve spent months focusing on one day, thrown your hearts and souls into making it as special as it was, and now it’s all catching up with you. Though you may want to feel über-sexy at this time more than others, you just don’t feel anything more than tired. This is your honeymoon, but you’re exhausted and much more ready for a trip to the spa than a roll in the sheets.

Let’s put things in perspective. Let’s address those expectations and take a look at what actually happens immediately post-wedding. And then let’s look at some creative solutions to deal with the contrary messages your mind, body and heart may be sending you.

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