'Tis The Season

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Greetings from Donna D'Cruz and Rasa Living,

Welcome to the holidays.  We’re constantly reminded that ‘Tis the season to be jolly. The truth is that more often than not, ‘tis the season for unusual (and unexpected) stressors, ‘tis the season for feeling run down from a spate of holiday gatherings. And of course, we need to have the presence of mind to find the perfect present for the love of our life and others on our holiday list.

Add to that the mix of family and friend get-togethers and you’ve got a challenge to find some peace of mind, or as we at Rasa like to call it, a wonderful and timely opportunity to reconnect with yourself, your partner, those around you.

As you and your partner (singly or together) sit quietly and calm your busy mind and spirit, here are some things to dwell on and deepen the experience.

Keep in mind it’s winter, a season when nature is dormant. Make it a time of gathering in and reflect on the year that’s been and better still, the year to come. 

Holidays are amazing windows to fully reconnect with all your senses. As you walk, really hear the crunch of snow under your feet;  notice again the diamond-brightness of freshly fallen snow;  allow yourself to be astonished by the clear, cold inrush of air into your lungs;  smell again the familiar and evocative smells of holiday food; feel the plush softness of winter fabrics on your skin.

The holidays are great for deepening the bonds with whatever tradition of faith you may belong to and seeing the larger ripples connecting all faiths.

While you’re in the midst of holiday drama and soap-opera, use meditation to access your precious neutral mind by being as Eckart Tolle says – the silent watcher. We don’t have much control over stressful events over the holidays.  What we can control however, is our response to these events.  That is in the Realm of the Possible. 

 We wish you joy.

We wish you great peace.

We wish you love.


--Donna D'Cruz

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