Thanks & Giving

Adding candlelight to dinner party decor creates a serene ambiance.

Donna D'Cruz offers meditation tips for Thanks and Giving.



The holiday season, while filled with great energy and cheer, can also be a very stressful time for a couple.  Keeping and maintaining your cool and equilibrium while dealing with the dual demands of family priorities and obligations and organizing the all-important travel details on the busiest travel day of the year can feel super-stressful.  Because it is.  And this is before you actually get to your destination!

And while a stress-less holiday season may seem like pure fiction, the very strains and stresses are an opportunity to take a step back, reflect and be thankful for all the amazing things in our lives whether it be good health, good friends or a loving family.  You’ll find plenty to be grateful for if you look around you.

 You can do this while on Planes, Trains or Automobiles – or in line for one.  Close your eyes and use this time to come back to yourself.  So, whenever you can, grab your partner, sit comfortably together, close your eyes and join each other in a moment of gracious serenity.  Happy holidays!

 Try meditating along with ‘Awareness’, one of the tracks from Donna’s ‘Meditation 101’ collection. You can also purchase ‘Meditation 101’ or any of Rasa Music’s other beautiful compilations.

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