New Year's Meditation Reset

With Donna D'Cruz

Donna D'Cruz of Rasa Living provides meditation tips for ringing in the New Year stress free.
Donna D'Cruz and Rasa Living

There’s a lot of expectation come New Year’s Eve.  Much of it is self-imposed, we’ll admit.  We really feel it to be a whole new start and we equip ourselves with a slew of immensely well-intentioned if unrealistic resolutions that often run out of juice by the time March rolls around.  All this we give ourselves, plus the annual challenge of memorizing the words of a poem written circa 1788 and working out the actual meaning of Auld Lang Syne!

Here’s what we know.  We know that you don’t need December 31st to reset your Mind, Heart, Body and Soul.  Truly, you can do this 24-7/365.

Awareness – Letting Go – Gratitude – Healing – Meditation – Rest – Relaxation – Acceptance: all these core concepts and realities are gifts you can give yourself.  With that in mind, we at Rasa Living would like to offer you affirmations to re-imagine and re-weave your New Year’s resolutions into a living, useful resource.


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