Melissa Sweet

Layers & Lace

Romantic in spirit with an exquisite vintage touch.

If you’re anything like us, you were beyond thrilled to hear that Melissa Sweet was back in business. We were even more thrilled when we learned that not only was she taking the bridal world by storm once again, she was doing it in two very unique ways. First, with her Melissa Sweet collection for David’s Bridal and second, with her bespoke gowns from Melissa Sweet Sacred.

Heading into the second season of both initiatives, Melissa sat down with us to tell us how she arrived at such a unique place in her career, as well as gush to us about her love of bridal and what a wedding gown represents. All we have to say in response is, “Welcome back, Melissa!”

It seems that David’s Bridal has had a new, fantastic surprise for us with every new season, and their newest collaboration with Melissa Sweet is no exception. These collaborations have given brides planning weddings in every price point access to a new level of design.

Melissa also loves the collaboration because it gives her the ability to produce gowns at a lower price point and with a retailer that will make them available to a wider audience. The beauty of David’s Bridal lies in the immediacy: The second a bride sees a gown that she loves, she can go into a store and buy it for her own wedding.

So why do we love the Melissa Sweet collection so much? Melissa has taken her signature details – lace, embroidery and ethereal, layered sheerness – and created gowns for David’s Bridal that definitely do not skimp on the details, construction or design. The things Melissa loves about vintage dressing, particularly the subtle details and high quality of well-made clothing, have been translated into her collection David’s Bridal. The expert fitting, sheer layers and classic silhouettes are flattering and fresh with a nod to the nostalgic. In hues of white, champagne, ivory, gold, silver and a hint of blush, her style is subtle, sweet and breathtakingly gorgeous.

Melissa’s favorite thing about working in bridal is the brides. Regardless of color, a dress is just a dress until you put it on a woman who is getting married, when it becomes a bridal gown. The sacredness of that moment and her ability to be part of such a special time in a woman’s life is what drives her work, whether for David’s Bridal or for a bespoke client. Melissa loves the joy that a wedding day brings, as well as the deeper meaning behind why the day is happening.

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