Mastering Your Telephone Skills

Mastering Your Telephone Skills

Give good phone! Both bosses and employees should greet telephone callers with a warm and friendly manner, followed by an introduction: “Good morning, this is Juliet Dickey. How may I help you?” Avoid answering the phone when you’re in a hellish mood, or just after an argument with a colleague, or right after you’ve gotten a paper cut, a court summons, or had a bad oyster. Responding when grumpy often leads to poisoning and may even sabotage your next few encounters. 

When calling someone for the first time, show respect by using courtesy titles.  Example: “Hello, this is Colin Cowie calling. May I please speak with Ms. Zamor?” I dislike complete strangers addressing me on the telephone by my first name. I feel it’s my prerogative to say, either immediately or at some point in the conversation, “Oh, please call me Colin.” IF you make a call and recognize the person answering the phone, or the person introducing himself or herself to you, by all means acknowledge this.  “Hello, Mrs. Zamor, this is Colin Cowie calling.  May I please speak with Ms. Zamor?”

When dealing with prominent people- or people who may be household names- always address them by their last names. Should they request otehrqise, then by all means indulge your excitement and do so!

-Colin Cowie

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