Geek Out: Our Engagement Ring Guide For Every Fangirl

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Unlike your middle school classmates – we’re encouraging you to embrace your inner geek! There are so many ways to have fun with your fandom when it comes to your wedding and we’re sharing with you one of our favorites. Whether you aspire to be as brave as Harry Potter or to have superpowers like your favorite Marvel character – here are 8 awesome wedding rings that you will satisfy all your fangirl dreams. 

1. Star Wars
Let the force be with you, on your left ring finger that is.  A Star Wars inspired engagement ring couldn’t be more out of this world! And perhaps get engaged on May 4th, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…


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2. Harry Potter
Catch the golden snitch with this quidditch inspired engagement ring!
3. Zelda
Rescue your own Princess Zelda from Hyrule with this Triforce inspired ring.
4. Superhero
Give your love superhuman powers with these Batman and Wonder Woman inspired wedding rings!

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5. Doctor Who
With this ring, your love will transcend time.



6. Lord Of The Rings
Let the future and fate of your relationship rest in the hands of this ONE powerful ring! It’s your precious.

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7. Star Trek
May this ring allow you to “live long and prosper.”
8. World of Warcraft
Pledge your allegiance to your one true love with this ruby heart-shaped engagement ring inspired by World of Warcraft.


-- Lauren Megerdichian

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