Bridal Shower 101

For a sweet surprise, have the groom show up at the end of the shower to join a toast to his bride-to-be.
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Everything you ever wanted to know about this pre-wedding party with the girls.

Legend says the first bridal shower took place in Europe after a well-to-do girl fell in love with a poor man and her father refused to help pay for their wedding. So, friends and neighbors gathered and offered gifts to the young couple to help them build their new home. By the late 1800s, the bridal shower had evolved into a more common practice for less wealthy brides, who couldn’t afford a dowry, to set up their new home.

We’ve come a long way. Today, bridal showers have morphed again into a rather festive way for the bride’s female family and friends to grab some girl time before the Big Day. Guests still “shower” the bride with gifts, often for her new household, but there are also bridal showers that have more specific themes—from lingerie parties to cooking classes together.

Read on to learn just about all you need to know about one of the happiest pre-wedding parties a bride can ever have.

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