Don’t Want A DJ? 13 Alt Entertainment Ideas For The Best Wedding Ever

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Wedding bands and DJ’s are a staple in the wedding world. For the couple that’s looking for a little extra something to entertain friends and family at their wedding, look no further.  These unique entertainment ideas will have your guests saying yours was the best wedding they’ve ever been to.

 1. Live Painting
We all love a good photo, but who wouldn’t want a gorgeous painting of their first dance as a couple? Don’t fire the photographer just yet though. You’ll want him there too.Live PaintingRich Flynn

2. Gif Booth
Photo booths are great and everything, but gif booths are all the rage. A quick snap of 3 consecutive photos loop to create an epic digital keepsake for your guests.Gif BoothThe Booth Photo & Video

3. Projection/Light show
Why dance under the stars when you can make your own? Project anything from your initials to your own starry night on the dance floorProjectionJason and Rebecca Walker for Ira Lippke Studios

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4. Henna Station
We don’t suggest you get tatted on your wedding night, but a henna station for your guests to get beautiful temporaries is more than acceptable!Henna StationKT Merry Photography

5. Cigar Rolling
This one is both interactive and enjoyable to watch. I mean who doesn’t want to watch a pro roll up a cigar, Godfather style? Throw in some matchbooks with your initials for an extra-personalized touch.Cigar RollingKT Merry Photography

6. Tableside Dessert
What’s sweeter than a wedding cake? A dessert that’s created right in front of you, your friends and family of course! Hire a pastry chef to come and get to work on your dessert tableside.Table side DessertCourtesy of David Lebovitz

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7. A Capella Performance
This idea is sure to make your wedding pitch perfect. An a capella group is a great alternative to a wedding band. If you and you fiancé went to a college with a popular group, book them ASAP!A CapellaRob Dodsworth Photography

 8. Synchronized Swimmers
If your venue has a pool, take advantage of that space with a breathtaking performance from a synchronized swimming group like the mermaid-like Aqualillies. AqualilliesCourtesy of Aqualillies 

 9. Arcade Games
Rent a few classic arcade games for the reception and play your new husband in Ms. Pacman!Arcade GamesElisabeth Millay Photography

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10. Acrobats
Amaze your guests with high-flying entertainment during cocktail hour or between meals.AcrobatsDanijela Pruginic Photography

11. Make-Your-Own Flower Crown
Provide a station with wire, real flowers and some pliers so your guests can dance all night with flowers in their hair Coachella style.Flower CrownThe Barefoot Brunettes Photography

12. Carnival Games
Maybe don’t book a roller coaster, but if your venue includes lots of outdoor space, set up balloon darts or ring-around-the-milk-jar.Carnival GamesFiona Kelly Photography

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13. Casino
Interactive casino games, like craps and roulette are amazing icebreakers for family and friends who don’t know one another yet. This would be epic for a Gatsby themed wedding!Casino GamesAravaggio Photography


--Julia Gargiulo

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