7 Proven Ways To Impress Your Boss

7 Proven Ways To Impress Your Boss

You’ve gotten the job- a big relief- and it’s your first day, week, or month. So how do you garner the attention and respect of your boss and colleagues?

1. Add energy by smiling: by maintaining a polite, professional attitude; and by being mindful and conscious of the people who work around you. Your colleagues will love you for it, and your boss can’t help but notice.

2. Aim high, and you will always rise to the top.

3. Never shout! There s literally no room or need for that kind of behavior. Make sure you are not the one to create that exception!

4. Always acknowledge the great efforts of your colleagues.

5. I believe that competition in a work environment is extremely healthy. Let the sheer power of your presentation do the work for you.

6. Focus on the tasks before you, and your productivity will soar. Your boss will notice too!

7. It’s essential to look as professional as possible: clean, neat, ironed, and pulled together.  

-Colin Cowie

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