10 Ways To Make Your Wedding Go VIral

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Even if you’re the kind of couple who wants an “unplugged” wedding, these tech-friendly tips might just change your mind. From hashtags to geotags, if you want your wedding to be full of sharable selfies and forever-worthy memories, you’ll need to plug in your cell phones and get your wedding tech-ready.  Here are some of the next big crazes in technology to grace the wedding world!

1. Create a Custom Geotag
If your guests aren’t on Instagram, they’re Snapchatting. Create your own “geotag” for your venue complete with your name and wedding date. An 8-hour event will only run you about $5.00! If you're not a professional graphic designer, you can find gorg pre-made templates here!Wedding GeotagCourtesy of xoBespoke via Etsy

2. Create A Wedding Hashtag
No wedding these days is complete without a wedding hashtag. Post a sign on the bar during cocktail hour or in front of the reception hall so your guests can spread the love online.Wedding HashtagRebecca Arthurs Photography

3. Ditch The Paper Invite
 We’re not talking about your uncle’s BBQ e-vite here. Go ultra modern with an elegant invitation that doesn’t need to be shipped or handled. You can start with the gorgeous Colin Cowie-designed invites by Greenvelope.Ditch The Paper InviteCourtesy of Greenvelope


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4. Selfie Sticks Galore
Selfie sticks are so the new disposable cameras. Give them as gifts or simply leave a stick on each table to maximize quality photos. Goodbye close-up selfies!Selfie SticksK&K Photography

5. GoPro bouquet
Want to spend a lifetime watching your husband see you for the first time? Slip a GoPro into your bouquet and re-live the walk down the aisle forever.GoPro BouquetCarolina MediaStar

6. Tablet Guestbook
Let’s face it, not everyone has the greatest handwriting. In place of a traditional guestbook, place a tablet in the front of your reception hall for your guests to add good wishes that you can (conveniently) keep forever. Tablet GuestbookCourtesy of GuestBookApp & Simply Troy Lifestyle and Events

7. Your Wedding Dot Com
Online templates have made it super easy for even the technology novice to create their own website. Include the URL in your invitation and share pre-wedding information as well as your photos post-wedding.Wedding Dot ComCourtesy of Minted

8. Bridesmaid Snapchat Takeover
You hardly have time to breathe on your wedding day let alone keep up with social media. Elect one or two bridesmaids (not your MOH) to “live-Snapchat” your entire day from bridal suite champagne to reception rosé.Snapchat TakeoverCassie Jones Photography

9. Trade That Heavy Binder For An App
We don’t suggest firing your wedding planner, but please drop the binder and download a wedding planning app. From customized to-do lists to an “I do” countdown, say goodbye to backaches and hello to sweet, sweet organization.Appy CoupleCourtesy of Appy Couple

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10. Digital Photo Booth
Instead of waiting on your photographer for your guest’s photos, rent a digital photo booth complete with immediate social media sharing for instant social satisfaction.Digital Photo BoothRenata J Photography


--Julia Gargiulo

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