10 Minutes With: Reem Acra

Reem, can you tell me about your style and technique?
I think from the beginning I wanted to have something very different. I’m all about detail, symmetry and perfectionism, whether it’s a style or construction. Every detail has to have a meaning and nothing is haphazardly put on a dress. 

What inspired you to create the looks in your Spring 2015 collection?
My Spring 2015 collection is a translation of a modern young woman who happens to get married. I’m able to put myself into her head and think of what she’d like to wear and how she would like to be presented in her wedding dress. That collection was extremely modern, extremely light and it really embodies today’s young girl. I think there is a trend of lightness, transparency, not too much construction or too many layers. 

What’s your take on colorful wedding dresses?
I was the first to introduce color into wedding dresses. I love to inject colors like lavender, pale blue, pink and green. I even injected black in some of my wedding collections! My first wedding dress I ever designed had color in it: green leaf with roses on the waist and it was all filled with color. I think the trend of having white in a wedding dress will be here for a long time, though. 

Is there one silhouette you find compliments all figures?
I think there is one silhouette that would match any size, height and body type. I think a simple A-line dress would fit many different shapes. I don’t think there’s any shape I would stay away from. As long as it’s well constructed, any silhouette could be beautiful. 

Can you tell me about the process for creating custom bridal gowns?
I’m known for being able to get in someone’s head within the challenge of a couple of minutes and figure out what they would be dreaming of for their wedding day. Then I pair it with my thoughts of what they should be wearing because I’m looking at her figure and personality. So I have a sixth sense that I enjoy using! 

Do you have any advice for brides before they walk down the aisle?
Just like any celebrity walking down the red carpet, walking down the aisle is your moment! Be yourself and be beautiful. This is a once in a lifetime moment, so take advantage of it and remember it!  

Check out Reem's Spring 2015 bridal collection here. 

--Keely-Shea Smith

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