10 Festive Cakes For Your Winter Wedding

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It’s beginning to look a lot like your wedding day…and the holiday season! Since you’ve opted for a winter wedding, you may want to mix in some festivity for the holidays. You don’t need to throw a full-on winter wonderland themed wedding in order to have a healthy dose of holiday magic. Instead, fall in love with a holiday-inspired wedding cake. Since everyone loves a touch of merry mixed into a whole lot of love, we’ve put together the 10 most festive holiday cakes for your winter “I Do’s.”

1. Egg Nog
Who doesn’t love a nice strong cup of eggnog to get you through those cold winter months? Now available in cake form!B Sweet Cake Boutique
2. Pom Pavlova
Traditions, Shmaditions. This winter pavlova is for the daringly festive couple!Gastro Senses
3. Cable Knit Cake
All cable knit everything for winter please! Sweets are no exception.Lindsay Skeans Photography

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4. Frosted Gingerbread
The sweetest gingerbread homescape atop a gingerbread cake; It just doesn’t get much more festive!Liv For Cake
5. Naked Festive Forest
Gorgeous winter forest elements make for the perfect cake toppers!Call Me Cupcake
6. Mini Chocolate Cranberry
Why have one when you can eat several? Everyone knows cals don’t count during the holidays anyway.Nirvana Cakery

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7. Faux Pine Cones
This fab design is so simple yet so satisfying. These almond studded “pine cones” are all the décor this cake requires.Oh Nuts
8. Frosted Cranberry
Holy holidays. This cake is loaded with sugar-frosted cranberries and accented with gorgeous holiday pines.Ryan Ray Photography
9. Pretty Peppermint
Spice up your wedding day with a luscious layered peppermint cake complete with shaved white chocolate.Southern Living

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10.  Clean & Textured
A classic white wedding cake will never go out of style, but why not add some winter flair?Genevieve Albert
--Julia Gargiulo

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